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Soundvision Technologies

We are the parent company of TruAudio, VSSL, Forge, Unified Copper, and Current Audio, who are global manufacturers of architectural, outdoor, commercial speakers, and native streaming audio system amplifiers. We strive to provide the best products possible to our dealers with innovative solutions to their customers' audio needs.



TruAudio provides the tools to help you customize and design any system to meet the needs of every install.

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With our many years of audio engineering experience, VSSL manufactures premium wireless audio solutions that are easy to use and are truly enjoyable for people of all ages.

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Current Audio

We at Current Audio have been creating high-quality affordable audio equipment for over 10 years.

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Unified Copper

Unified Copperâ„¢ is one of the top leading audio wire and cabling manufacturing companies.

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FORGE racks are an innovative upgrade to any normal equipment rack.

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Residential Audio

Residential audio leaves many opportunities for a homeowner to improve their home audio system. Soundvision Technologies can help with installing a whole-home audio system, an in-home theater system, an outdoor audio system, and much, much more. If it is in-ceiling speakers, indoor subwoofers, outdoor speakers, in-ground subwoofers, in-wall speakers, multizone amplifiers, and even custom built soundbars, SVT has everything a homeowner needs.

Commercial Audio

The great thing about audio is that it can be applied just about anywhere; dental offices, restaurants/bars, retail spaces, museums, and galleries. The best solution for installs in commercial and institutional buildings is by using high-grade products that are meant for longevity and superior performance. If your business needs an upgrade, you have come to the right place. Shop hundreds of products that are ideal for your commercial business applications.

Multi-Zone Audio Streaming Amplifiers

Soundvision Technologies houses a variety of different high-quality multi-zone amplifiers. Among these amplifiers are brands like VSSL, Current Audio, and TruAudio. VSSL provides a 3 and 6-zone amplifier, Current Audio provides a 4 and 6-zone amplifier, and TruAudio offers (2) different 6-zone amplifiers and a 2-zone amplifier

Equipment Racks

Electronic racks are not required but are usually recommended for household and commercial electronic installation projects. AV racks are what protect the high-priced electronic devices. These racks not only house and protect your equipment but also are made to organize all of those wires, amplifiers, etc and that is why Soundvision Technologies values the superb build of its equipment racks. The design for these racks varies in order to meet any homeowner or business person’s needs.

Bulk Cable

No audio system is complete without the trusty electronic cables. These cables are what do all of the transferring of analog or digital signals and what allows you to hear the audio. Soundvision knows that every installation project is unique and that is why Unified Copper is the trusted cable brand for any installer’s needs. Different types of digital audio cables include coaxial cable which has the ability to carry up to 6 audio channels, high-def multimedia interface or commonly known as the HDMI cable which has quickly become a fan favorite, network, speaker, and even security cables.