Control4 Drivers




For those interested in adding a VSSL amplifier to their Control4 system, VSSL and Chowmain Software have teamed up to develop and provide a free Composer driver for the X Series (A.1x, A.3x, and A.6x). 

Links to Drivers:

A.6x Control4 Driver
A.3x Control4 Driver
A.1x Control4 Driver

Once installed, be sure to check out the “Documentation” tab within Composer for in-depth setup instructions.


  • Automatic discovery upon entering MAC address
  • Self-healing if IP address changes occur
  • Simple setup of Automatic Room On assignment for amplified upon audio endpoint binding
  • Automatic detection and display of streaming source via navigator
    • Amazon Alexa
    • Apple AirPlay 2
    • Google Cast
    • Spotify Connect
  • Play/Pause/Stop/Skip Next commands for streams.
  • Discrete Volume, Volume Up, Volume Down control and feedback
  • Discrete Mute On, Mute Off, Mute Toggle and feedback.
  • Metadata for streams
  • RCA, Digital Optical, Digital Coax Input switching (A.1x Only)
  • Automatic Room on for 3rd party devices (receivers and other amplifiers) connected to the outputs.
  • Front Panel LED control
  • Properties
    • Line Level Output Fixed / Variable Volume
    • Max Volume
    • Source Priority
    • Subwoofer Crossover
    • Mono Output
    • Disable Auto Switch on Inputs