About Us

SoundVision Technologies, Innovating in the Tech Space as a Premium Product Manufacturer

SoundVision Technologies definitely breaks the mold when it comes to tech manufacturing. Constantly on the cutting edge of technology and innovation, we strive to raise the bar when it comes to quality and design.

Our future-focused vision stems from our past. We previously owned a nationally recognized home electronics integration company. During this period, we designed and installed thousands of home theaters and multi-room audio systems. Needless to say, we gained valuable knowledge of what consumers expect and need from their technology.

Backed by that knowledge and experience, we founded TruAudio to design and manufacture a full line of premium custom audio products. We go to great lengths to make sure that we offer speakers that blend into the room's decor while still delivering unforgettable, life-like sounds. Whether it's whole-house sound during a house party or simply relaxing on the couch enjoying your favorite movie, TruAudio will enhance your audio experience as no other architectural speaker can.

Thanks to the success of TruAudio, we were able to create other audio/technology brands such as VSSL, Forge, and Unified Copper. We also acquired brands like Current Audio. VSSL is our latest adventure that took us from the audio space, and integrated our brands into the tech space. Our VSSL smart amplifiers are only the beginning of what our VSSL brand will bring to the world of smart home technology.

We wanted our reputation of quality products from our TruAudio line to be fully incorporated into our other brands. We founded SoundVision Technologies as the parent company of our brands to bring cohesion inside the brand, brand awareness to those throughout, and a central place to find all of our products and services in one singular place. 

SoundVision is not stopping in the world of audio. New brands are almost ready to launch that will take SoundVision in new directions in regard to technology, and being a quality manufacturer to bring the best product to our customers.

SoundVisions' Lifetime Warranty

SoundVisions’ Lifetime Warranty includes all of our TruAudio and Current Audio indoor speakers (in-ceiling, in-wall, and in-room), and all of our outdoor speakers have a 5-year warranty. For further information: soundvisiontech.com/warranty


We want you to know why SoundVision is different from all the rest.

Our original brand of TruAudio was founded upon the idea that a quality, custom, home theater or multi-room audio installation requires a professional. Having begun as custom installers ourselves, we continuously strive to be the type of manufacturing company with whom we would like to do business. It is from these observations that we built the soul of our company and gives you the following promises and commitments:


SoundVision quality allows us to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our indoor speaker products. (Electronic Products have a 5-year warranty, Outdoor Products including Rock Speakers and Components have a 5-year warranty).

Innovation is a constant effort at SoundVision. That's why we have won many industry awards for our designs.

Our commitment to outstanding customer service will be matched by no one.

For more information on SoundVision products and how using our products can benefit your home or business, please contact our sales team at 888-858-1555 or click on the applicable link below.

Please Note:

SoundVision products sold on any internet auction sites are not sold by a SoundVision Certified Dealer. If so, that Certified Dealer is in direct violation of the agreement signed with SoundVision and its brands.

Any SoundVision product bought any way but through a SoundVision Certified Dealer will have NO warranty, no matter what the seller says. SoundVision will not honor any of these warranty claims. This DOES include any SoundVision product bought on any internet auction sites.

SoundVision Technologies has a great network of Certified Dealers across the world to help in the design and installation of your SoundVision Products and other Home Entertainment equipment. You can call our Toll Free Number at 888.858.1555, email sales@truaudio.com, or use the "Find a Dealer" link below to promptly receive a list of our dealers in your area.