Wire Whisker Pass Thru Plate, Black Whisker

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The Current Audio WWP universal Wire Whisker Pass-Through Plate allows installers to offer a clean on-wall wire management device. There is no need to stock multiple plates and connectors for various wire feeds. The WWP does it all.
The WWP permits the installer to easily pass any wire through the plate and still maintain a clean professional appearance.
The WWP Wire Whisker Pass-Through Plate is supplied with the Wire Brush Adapter Plate, the Decorator Trim Plate, and the necessary screws for attachment to your standard electrical box or rough-in ring. The WWP should be the only plate you will ever need. For jobs requiring many wires, you can multi-gang the WWP and still offer a clean custom look, simply use a matching trim plate for the number of WWP adapter plates used.
You have a choice of brush color- White or Black.

Price listed is for US & Canada customers only.