Remote 70 Volt Transformer

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The Current Audio R70VT adapts our 8 Ohm speakers for use with multi-speaker 70-volt commercial distributed public address and sound systems. It features high power, low insertion loss, wide frequency response quality line matching design.
The transformer has multiple primary taps of 30-15-8-4 watts with the secondary at 8 Ohms.
The transformer is constructed of audio caliber laminations. It has a very low insertion loss and has a frequency response of 40-16kHz.
The unit has two mounting holes for easy attachment to locations on the speaker or any hard surface.
  • Brown 70 Volt Line Common
  • Black 30 Watt Tap
  • Yellow 16 Watt Tap
  • Red 8 Watt Tap
  • Green 4 Watt Tap
  • Black 8 Ω Side Common (-)
  • White 8 Ω Side Plus (+)

Price listed is for US & Canada customers only.