Back Can for CS80BC Series In-Ceiling Speakers

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The Current Audio speaker Back Can is a housing system designed as a multipurpose acoustic enclosure aid for the installation of speakers.
It provides for sound attenuation migrating to adjacent rooms. The housing focuses acoustic energy directly into the room for maximum speaker performance. The enclosure has a selectable slotted screw cover to choose between a sealed or ported enclosure boost bass response.
A damping device reduces standing waves and mechanical resonances plus enhances bass frequencies. It also serves to prevent debris, rodent droppings, and insects from entering the speaker baffle that can alter the sound of the speaker.
The system consists of a Back Can that attaches to and houses all-new style CS and CSFL ceiling speakers manufactured after November 2011. The BC6 and BC8 have standoffs to mount our 70-volt transformer. Once the housing is attached to the speaker it will fit our rough-in bracket or can be retrofitted using the doglegs on the speaker. The system assures a cost-effective and time-saving installation for both 8 ohm and 70 volt systems.
  • Back Can Style Round Ceiling
  • Finish Dimensions 13.75 x 13.43 x 7.81 (4 lbs)

Price listed is for US & Canada customers only.